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The Patriot

The first issue of The Patriot, a weekly paper for the education of people, economy and fun, was published on 6 January 1880, and it was signed by Petar Despotović as editor in chief. Starting from its 39 issue from 1880, teacher Jovan Blagojević took over the editing of The Patriot, but he had to leave this position because of the pressure of school authorities. The last issue of this paper appeared in public on 25 December 1882 and it was edited by Aleksandar Popović. It was published by  bookshop the bookshop of Milivoj Karakašević. The Patriot was mostly concerned by school issues, the work of teachers and priests, the position of craftsmen; it gave advice in the areas of agronomy, fruit growing and cattle breeding.  It was rich with poetry, short stories, feuilletons and biographies. It belonged to the group of Serbian nonpolitical publications, but still it supported the oppositional politics of the People’s Party. As leading figures in The Patriot the following personalities were standing out: Nika Grujić Ognjen, Jovan Blagojevic, Svetislav Berić and others.